Thursday, 10 October 2013

Beaver Island 2

                                               I show you some more pictures.

                                 Our friends from the 5th week made this round robinquilt top for us.
                                         Isabeau made the middle blog and they did the rest.

                                       Last year Kathy made  the middle block and 
                                        we from QuiltBee "NUT EN GENOEGEN"
                                         made the top Kathy did the quilting here it is

The signature block from us.
And Group 5 made this Quilt for Gwen.
She stops with the retreat after 30 years
some details of blocks


Tuesday, 8 October 2013


                                                         I was the last 2 weeks in the  USA
       The goal was The 30th BEAVER ISLAND QUILTREAT from GWEN MARSTON
You see us In front of the Quilt Week 5 from last year made for Gwen.
I share some Quilts which were made in the retreat
Last year I brought DUTCH Fabric for CATHY
She is making this quilt.
The rest of the pictures I show you the next weeks.