Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Quiltmania and thank you

In the new Issue of Quiltmania you see my friend Ellen.
That is the last one with friends of mine.
First we had Bonnie Hunter and Lucy,myself, Isabeau and now Ellen.
This last number 74 is the december one,
there is also a nice article about QUILT PLUS,
one of my favourite quiltshops.

Margaret and Kathie
thanks for your help.
I know know how to delete gadgets.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

need help.

who can tell me how I can delete 1 of the neocounter gadgets.

elephant parade

In Amsterdam was this summer the Elephant parade.
There were Elephants all over the city.
A lot of artist made there own elephant
and you could buy one at the action
Last week the output was 872.500 euro
it is for the asian Elephant.
next year it will be in London.

This was the vieuw outside my window

this two were in my neighbourhood.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

2 x Joes

I have a funny story.
Sometimes I google my name,
and last year I saw a report of a schoolmeeting in Wijhe,
my birthplace.
They had a new child at the school by the name of Joes Meester.
The name Joes is not a common.
I phoned some people with family name Meester in Wijhe,
and I spoke with the father of this Joes.
He is a boy 5 years old, and he lives in the same street,
I lived from my birth till I was 13 years,
he on number 54, I at 45.
Years ago in Amsterdam, there was a meaningless homicide
the victim’s name was Joes,
the little boy is named after this victim.
His grand father owned a forge at the building,
where my great- grandfather had his meat factory.
Last Sunday my mother and I visited Joes and his family,
We are not related, we only share the same last name.
Isn’t it a curious story?
Here you see a picture of 2x Joes Meester.

2x Joes