Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Isabeau in Quiltmania

Isabeau, Wil and I where in Saint-Marie -Aux - Mines.
There we visit the quiltmania booth.
In the new magazine NR 73 is an article about my friend Isabeau.
Here are some pictures.

Guy,the photographer of quiltmania, Isabeau and Carol the editor in chief of Quiltmania

This quilt Isabeau made years ago.

Work in progress.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

my little lion

I have two cats,sisters.
They both are britisch shorthair tabby cats, one grey and one brown.

Saartje is the grey one

Pluisje is the brown tabby,
she is a breed variation, has long hair ,
she hates the comb, and therefore. she gets a lot of knots.
so I take her to the vet each year to be shaved,
unfortunately she has to be under anaesthetic.

This is how she normaly is

And this how she is now, the vet keeps a plume at the end of her tail, otherwise she doesn't regornises her own tail.

She looks like a cartooncat now,she is so tiny .
But I think she is happy without all that hair.