Thursday, 5 November 2009

2 x Joes

I have a funny story.
Sometimes I google my name,
and last year I saw a report of a schoolmeeting in Wijhe,
my birthplace.
They had a new child at the school by the name of Joes Meester.
The name Joes is not a common.
I phoned some people with family name Meester in Wijhe,
and I spoke with the father of this Joes.
He is a boy 5 years old, and he lives in the same street,
I lived from my birth till I was 13 years,
he on number 54, I at 45.
Years ago in Amsterdam, there was a meaningless homicide
the victim’s name was Joes,
the little boy is named after this victim.
His grand father owned a forge at the building,
where my great- grandfather had his meat factory.
Last Sunday my mother and I visited Joes and his family,
We are not related, we only share the same last name.
Isn’t it a curious story?
Here you see a picture of 2x Joes Meester.

2x Joes


  1. It's great that you could meet the other Joes Meester. VBG I'm so happy to have found your blog. We first met at Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and later at the Vermont Quilt Festival in 2000. Do you remember?

  2. love your header photo, looks a lot like mine only mine isn't finished yet. i may actually finish this top someday now...

  3. funny it is my brother