Sunday, 29 March 2009

quilt for ans

Ans moved to her new house.
It is located on IJburg a hole new part of Amsterdam.
It is a kind of island, they created new land in the water.

We want to make a little quilt for the new house.
Isabeau made the houses, I did the sashings and Ellen the quilting.

one of the houses.

quilts are made for cats but not this one


  1. you all did a wonderful job, including Sartje - she's just giving the quilt that extra loving touch.

  2. That little quilt is just darling.

  3. What a darling Joes!Ans must be very happy with this mini!

  4. What a lovely little quilt. I can see the dear cat knows she is not supposed to be there. LOL

  5. I think your cat is just testing the quilt to make sure it is ready for the new house.