Thursday, 1 April 2010

2 quilt projects

I did a lot of quilting the last few months

I made a mini quilt with baskets the size of the quilt is 27x27 cm( 10x10 inch)
In Leiden we had the Textiel Festival last week,
The dutch quilters guild ( Quilters Gilde) had the yearly mini quiltshow,
my quilt was there.

And I finished my yoko saito bag,here you see me with my friend Ellen ,
We did the class together by Marleen Wijn.


  1. Your basket quilt is adorable, love it and as for the bag,, what a great job you two did, I'd love one of those, it's gorgeous.

  2. Janny Schoneveld4 April 2010 at 20:06

    Ik heb je mandjesquiltje gezien op de mini quilttentoonstelling.
    Hij is prachtig.
    M'n complimenten.

  3. The bag you completed is very nice. Was it difficult? I love to see pictures of your cats helping with your quilting. I look forward to your pictures and your posts. Thank you from a big fan.

  4. Ik vind de tas geweldig en heb zelf nog een stapel japanse scraps. mag ik vragen waar ik het patroon kan kopen?
    alvast bedankt Laetitia

  5. Wat een schattig mandjesquiltje! Mag ik je vragen om het patroon van het mandjesblokje? Of waar ik het kan kopen?
    groeten, Marja