Sunday, 16 May 2010

quilts 1700-2010

Yesterday I went with my quiltingfriends Ellen and Isabeau to London, to see the Quilts in the V&A( Victoria and AlbertMuseum)
It was great, what a beautiful quilts.

When you go, I think you must take the Ipod with the info of the quilts.
You can buy the APP in the Itunes store and you can download it on your Iphone.
So when You cannot go and have an Iphone, you can see some quilts.

I had troubles to make pictures of the book and place them on this blog they turn wrong??
but here are some of them.


  1. How long is the show on for?


  2. I need to order the book. We ended up canceling out trip due to the volcano I'm wishing we had just gone ahead and risked being stranded in Europe for a few more days...

  3. nou ik ga 28 mei!!! en ik heb er zin in....samen met Elsbeth... Bep en Esther..
    ik heb het boek gezien en was toen eigenlijk al verkocht...
    fijne dag

  4. You went to London without telling me!
    What a shame. I did go to Malvern spring quiltshow that day so it wouldn't have worked out anyway. I think the V&A exhibition is great! Typically English patch- and quilting, very interesting to see! Did you buy some of the fabrics as well?
    Hope to be allowed to join you again in August.