Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Traditional costume

In some places in the Netherlands people still wear traditional costumes. But in time it will disappear. In the summer they have markets and people dress in their costumes.

These pictures I have taken in STAPHORST, which is in the north/ middle east part of the country.


  1. Not the most flattering outfits are they? I can't imagine getting little girls to sit still to have their hair done like that. Thank you for sharing these photos. It's very interesting to see native costumes.

  2. Wat een schitterend gezicht. Ik kan daar erg van genieten.

  3. Thanks for your great pictures!
    Ik woon dicht bij Staphorst en geniet er nog steeds van om de kostuums te zien en met hen in hun eigen "taal" te praten... ;))