Monday, 17 October 2011

beaver island quiltretreat (1)

Isabeau and I are just back from Michigan.

Two years ago we went with Lucy Kramer and Bonnie Hunter for the first time to the quiltretreat of Gwen Marston.
This year the two off us went again.

We worked with Gwen's new Book, the quilts are about 10 inch.
You can order it by Gwen.

Gwen's sketches.

This are the 3 little quilts I made

My favourite quilt.


  1. So happy that you had a safe journey home. Your little quilts are wonderful!! It was so nice to meet you and Isabeau at Delphines.

  2. Love your small quilts. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of Ms. Marston's quilts too.

  3. I love the quilts you made especially the one on the left with the bits of cheddar! how will you hand quilt these???
    hope you will share more about the Gwen Marston retreat.

  4. Lucky you to quilt with Gwen. Your little quilts are fabulous! Will you quiilt them?