Monday, 23 April 2012


Always when I go somewhere with my suitcase one of my cats is sleeping in it.
I think it is the way they protest that I leave.
This time I went to POUR L'AMOUR DU FIL in NANTES .
I have to tell them that I go next week to VELDHOVEN with the antique quilts of Isabeau and myself,
But a friend is staying in my house so they have company.

here you see the pictures of the quilts from KATHY DOUGHTY


  1. Oh lucky you! You saw KATHY DOUGHTY's quilts and did you get her new book???? So wish there was someplace I could get that book....

    Enjoy next week as well.

  2. Wat was het leuk he Joes? En volgende week zien we elkaar weer!

  3. Ben het helemaal met Petra eens, tot volgende week