Sunday, 3 March 2013

                        Saterday I did together with Isabeau a quiltworkshop
                        at the shop of Den Haan and Wagenmakers.
                        We made a Quiltbook to take blocks with us when we travel.

                              The front of my book it is block nr 4147 from Block Base

Isabeau quilting on the machine
Isabeau's quiltbook is finished
Elsbeth teaching us
My quiltbook not finished yet
Thankyou Elsbeth for the nice workshop.


  1. Het was erg gezellig in de winkel. Jullie hebben hard gewerkt om van heel mooie blokken een blokkenboek te maken !

  2. I am so jealous you get to go to this shop! Taking a class with Elsbeth must have been fun I would love to make a quilt book for applique blocks to travel with.
    Looks like you and Isabeau had fun.

  3. Love the look of that quilt book - what a great idea! Looks like a great class too.

  4. What a treat to see your quilt book in progress. Beautiful pictures. Karin