Friday, 12 April 2013

after 10 years,Dear janes on the way

                                          After 10 years our Amsterdam's RIJKS MUSEUM
                                          will be re-open.
                                          Our Queen Beatrix will open it tomorrow
                                          It will be one of her last things to do as a Queen,
The 30 of april we have a King Willem-Alexander
            This handkerchief I bought at den Haan en Wagenmakers.

                                    This week I send 2 boxes with 20 DEAR JANE Quilts to Nantes
                                    in France.
                                    I want to show you this picture, but again wrong

                 I have a lot of problems with My pictures on my computer
                        and camera (canon)The are ok But in my blog there are turned
Who can help me ????


  1. Regarding your photos: when I download my photos in Picasa, the program automatically turns the photo the right side up, but if I do not Save it, it will appear how it was originally on the camera when I upload it onto blogger.

  2. Make sure you save the picture in My Pictures after editing. And like the above commit I use Picasa and it turns the photo automatically
    Wish I could give you and easy answer. Some times I'm a trial and error kinda person.