Friday, 14 February 2014


                               Last week I was in Paris visiting   l' Aiguille en Fete.
                               And Will  (not so zen In Paris) Elsbeth was there also.
                               We found a beautifull Chintz fabric no name in the selvedge.
                               The boys  From the Netherlands pretent that they are making
                               the only  good chinz fabric,  that they invented Chintz fabric.
                               There fabrics are reproductions and so are the others.
                               There is a kind of war going on who makes the chintz fabric.  
                               See this sample I bought at  DREYFUS In Paris.
                               This is not from them!!!!!!!!
                               I think there are more important things in live to make 
                               such a quarrel over.
                               Maybe it is time that they( the boys) stop there actions.

                                                                  Dreyfus Chintz fabric.
And of course there is my family quilt with antique Chintz fabric.


  1. Ja, Joes zo is het maar net!! De Dreyfus sits is prachtig, een quilt van mij heeft een dergelijke achterkant en die komt van het textielmuseum in Mulhouse! Wanneer spreken wij af? Mail mij even...

  2. Zeker weten! Schitterende sits!!

  3. prachtige stof Joes, volgens mij hebben jullie het wel gezellig gehad in Parijs!

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