Wednesday, 29 April 2009

back from Paducah

today I want to show you some pictures I made in Paducah.

I was so lucky to meet Anne Oliver, she is very famous she won, (in the past) in Paducah best of show and also in Houston,
She was the one who introduced Freezer paper in the quilting world.
When I visited the USA for the first time in 1991 she took me on a quiltshopping- and sightseeing tour in Washington DC
It was nice to see here back after all that years.

We had diner with our friends Judy and Kathy.
it was Judy's birthday , so she was the Queen

the quiltman with Vicky (our tour guide from Country Heritage Tours).

antique quilt Isabeau and I liked very much, we first saw him in Houston,
too expensive to buy, but very beautiful.
One day i am sure that Isabeau will make one like this.

the outside footcourd with the boys scouts strawberry short cake

the famous Dogwood tree


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed our beautiful weather and scenery here in Kentucky. I have enjoyed following your blog since you started it because I love your pictures of the different architecture in Europe. Glad the quilt show was a success!

  2. Looks like you had a great time...the quilt man was just a bit scary though! Glad to say I haven't seen him at any shows!

  3. Quiltman! What an outfit. Lucky you to get to make the trip to Paducah!

  4. looks like a great time was had.

  5. I love your pictures. Yes I was a queen for the day. That never happens at home. I sure miss all our fun. Have you and Isabeau been doing any quilting since you've been home? I've been looking for Quiltmania, the new one is not on the market yet. I can't wait to see the new one with you in it. Write to me soon. Hugs, Judy in Branson AKA the queen.

  6. hallo Joes..
    wat een fijne reis heb je gehad(lijkt me)...en nu ben ik je weer misgelopen in Veldhoven :0((
    maar goed mischien zaterdag in A'dam bij de SBS dag???? bij Petra...
    ik ben weer met een nieuwe mandjesquilt begonnen!!! uit het boek when the cold wind blows.. van blackbird designs..
    in ieder geval een fijne dag en tot ziens
    Gerda (petra prins)

  7. Hallo Joes, we hebbben elkaar een aantal keer ontmoet in de DJ tijd, in Elden in de bijeenkomsten in Utrecht en Amsterdam. Ik heb genoten van het artikel van je in de quiltmania.Wie weet zien we elkaar in amsterdam bij de SBS, Groeten Hester

  8. Joes, I finally found your blog!!!!! Yipeeeee!
    And I'm even included in the Paducah photographs! Those were some great times I will always remember. Kathy O