Thursday, 16 April 2009

on the way to.... Paducah

Tomorrow I am leaving with my friend Isabeau for Paducah
First we spend a few days in Nashville,
go to the grandold opry
and do some shopping at the quiltshops
near Nashville and cope with the jetlag.

After that we go with Country Heritage tours to Paducah.
We like to go on the tour,because it is easy,
it is so much trouble to find a hotelroom,etc.
I think it will be my 7th time for Paducah,
we will meet old friends , go to Hancock ( a few times) the Rotary show
and a lot more.

Now I have my suitcase packed and my cat Saartje want to go with us.


  1. Saartje is lovely! Our little friends seem to fill when we are going to leave...

  2. This is my first time to Paducah. I will look for you as I walk around...esp in Hancocks.

    Francy (Oklahoma, USA)

  3. Have a lovely trip. I'm only 2 hrs. away from Paducah and can't go this year. boo hoo..lower back pain came to visit.
    Diann...waving from TN

  4. It was wonderful to share dinner with you in Paducah. I'll always remember blowing bubbles in O'Charlies. I love your blog, I'll now visit often. Kathy and I found the Star papers at Bonnie Blue. Thank you for sharing the tip. I can't wait to use them. I hope your trip back home was an easy one. I miss Paducah already. We need to meet more often. Stay in touch. Hugs from Judy in Branson, MO.

  5. hallo Joes..
    en hoe heb je het gehad..nog lekker mandjes gemaakt..mijn mandjesquilt is af!!!!!!
    Ik heb de nieuwe quiltmania...en wat een leuk artikel staat er in over jou!!!!
    leuke foto's ook..
    wie weet tot gauw groetjes Gerda