Friday, 11 March 2011

In Hexagon

Today came Quiltmania nr 82.

On page 56 you see a hexagon quilt from Kristel Salgarollo.
I started with this quilt 2 months ago I bought the patern
during the quiltshow in France.

You can see the result so far.
I don't know yet how I am going to make the enter of the quilt.

The CD on the table is from my favourite singer at the moment
Rumer here cd is called seasons of my soul.


  1. A lovely quilt pattern. You are choosing fabrics for the hexagons that I like so well. Very suitable.

  2. Very nice - especially the little 'Cat in the Manor' looking out of the hexagon window!

  3. love that cat in the center of the hexagon
    what a wonderful quilt pattern, I look forward to buying that issue too.
    we are usually a few weeks later here in the USA for those issues

  4. over deze quilt had je het dus!!!...niets teveel gezegd..het is een plaatje!!!!
    en hexagonnen zijn zo leuk..;0))
    fijne dag

  5. cat in the center is lovely and i like the colors !! :)
    it would be a gorgeous quilt !!

  6. Wat een prachtige quilt en de hexagonnen zien er zo mooi uit!!! De Cd is bij mij op dit moment ook favoriet! prahtge muziek!

  7. your quilts are beautiful. Do you ever go to dentists or does your so called national healthcare your countymen are so proud of do not not cover dental work?????????