Friday, 4 March 2011

quilttop of Isabeau.

This quilttop, my friend Isabeau bougt years ago
from Mary Koval.

You can also see this quilt in Quiltmania nr 73

This is the site of our friend Mary Koval.

when we were in France she took it with her to show to our france friends.


  1. How wonderful to see this quilt in all it's glory, I've loved it since I saw it in the magazine.

  2. I have loved this quilt ever since I saw it in quiltmania and when Lucy told me all about it when she saw it at your friends house.
    I am in awe over the borders this quilt is a real treasure would be great to reproduce I was sorry that Quiltmania did not do a full pattern of it.
    thanks for sharing it again with us

  3. Are you or Isabeau coming to NYC for the Red and White exhibit? I will be seeing Mary during my trip, and would love to see you both too !! Love this top. It's stunning.

  4. Wow - it is a stunner. As Kathie said, the borders make it even more special.