Friday, 30 August 2013


                  In Birmingham I met a nice lady from India her name is Geeta Khandelwal
                                 Quiltmania made a magnificence book with quilts from India.

                                I have been in India 5 times so I was trilled to see this Quilts.
                                It made me  to want to go back.

                                          Here you see Geeta Khandelwal(r) and Chura Gupte
                                                       In the booth of QUILTMANIA.

                                                              Another picture of the book :

                               Godharis of Maharashtra Western India by Geeta Khandelwal
                                                                  Published by Quiltmania

There was a expo of the quilts from the book
I went to a lecture about the quilts.
The difference with the way "we"quilt is that
these quilts are made from the border to the middle.

                                                                          Geeta In her Booth.

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  1. Very interesting. I don't think I could ever learn to make a quilt from the outside in!