Monday, 31 August 2009


the quilt you see in the header of my blog.

I want to share some information about it.
I bought it in Paducah, in the town during the quiltshow in April.
The dealer was from Houston.
I fell in love immediate.
What I like so much is the bright cheddar triangles,
And that it is not so perfect.
It is from ca 1880.
Good condition.

next time I will show you the little Lion in my house
Whait and you will see, she doen't want to be on a picture.


  1. the quilt is beautiful oh I love seeing cheddar in quilts.
    Will you be sharing a picture of the whole quilt? How large is it?

    I really enjoy reading your blog
    Do you go to Paducah every year?

  2. The pink stripe in your quilt is very nice...I think I go for stripes almost as much as cheddar when looking for antique quilts!

  3. Oh, I remember this quilt. It's good to see an old friend again. Did you see the news that they will have the quilt show in Paducah again this next year? Are you and Isabau planning to come again this next year? I do hope so. It would be so nice to see you again. I love keeping up with you on your blog. Keep writing. Happy Stitching, Judy (from Missouri)

  4. I love your quilt from Paducah. I just stumbled onto your blog today. I am Dutch too. The first one in my family to be born in the USA. My father grew up in Vianen and my mother in Leiden. My brother and sister were born in Den Haag. I have visited the Netherlands too many times to count as my family (Cousins, Aunts, Uncles) all live there. Just wanted to say that its really fun to have stumbled upon a quilters blog from Amsterdam. (my grandmother was born and raised in Amsterdam and she is the one who taught me to sew when I was a child)